East Anglia

Huthwaite is the place to be if your a ****. There are many places for these kinds of people to go such as: ‘the mini’ or ‘the undercroft’ – the place were u will frequently find the younger generation of ***** ‘skinnin up’ or going for a crafty *** out of the way of their mothers. Then theres the welfare, if you look closely in the bushes you may find a few young people ‘pullin a bucket’ to get their daily fix. When you have had your daily fix you may discover you have ‘the munchies’ in which case you would retreat to the co op or daves on the market place to buy a few bags of 10p ‘space raiders’.

If you are a young **** and you find it really cold outside you could always go into the community cafe where you will find 2 pool tables upstairs which give you free games ( if you are clever enough to put ur hand up and pull a switch inside the table) The cafe is situated in the heart of Huthwaite, Opposite ‘the mini’ which means you can run across the road and have a quick *** then go back in the cafe. Theres the heroin addicts who live next door to the cafe.

There are many young girls hangin round these places who are very happy to ‘get off’ with you, you will recognise these girls because they will have their hair scraped back to give their eyes an oriental look, the latest pair of nike shox and all the ‘bling’ you can fit on one person. but beware these girld may be ******** with the lastest disease going round huthwaite and sutton for that matter.

Please enjoy your stay in huthwaite. it will be the most memorable time of your life. 😀

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