CambridgeshireEast Anglia

The historic town of huntingdon, birthplace of oliver cromwell, hometown of ex tory leader john major and now home to a vast array of chavs. With the oxmoor estate playing host to the majority of chav activities. sometimes called the oxmorons estate and is a mecca for single teenage mothers, drug addicts, and child tearaways.

At different times of the day it seems to play host to various different sections of the chav community, if you walk down the highstreet during the day on a weekday you are confronted by two types of people. The first type are the fifteen year old mums with their greased back hair, gold earrings and 3 kids in tow. The second type of people you will encounter are the heroin addicts, robbing anything they can from shops, such as woolworths, wilkinsons and sainsburys just to get their daily fix.

Huntingdon plays host to a large collection of chav shops (i mean this town every chavs dream when it comes to shopping) with shops like new look, woolworths, argos (for the cheap bling) iceland, wilkos, and size up. this list of chav shops in this town is by no means exausted, its late and i’m just to tired to think of any more.

After the daily shopping or thieving the addicts and the young mothers go home only to be replaced by another section of the chav community. The teen chavs these tend to hang around outside threshers in the highstreet harrassing passers by into buying them cheap cider and ciggerettes. these chavs only come out after they are released from the nearby secondary school (st peters school for chavs). come friday these chavs combine with the local drinking population and filter into chav ridden pubs such as the territorial, cromwells, and the three tons. Upon closing time of the chav holes, can lead to violent scenes as you have about as much chance of seeing santa in august as you do of seeing a single police officer patrolling the highstreet on any night of the week. this lack of policing enables the chav population a free reign of the town centre and makes it a no go zone for any law abiding local.

other chav hangouts include the riverside park, in fact just about every park in this town is populated by cheap gold wearing morons. Even the surrounding villages cant escape the chav explosion. Brampton is a prime example of this where chavs with baseball bats can be found sitting outside the local village shop. the other village is godmanchester and the less i say about that the better.

This is just a short guide to the chav invested town they call huntingdon so if you wanna see some reebok classic, tracksuit wearing p***y’s, with the most their illiterate brains can handle is the signing of their dole form, then come to this finely established chav town.

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CambridgeshireEast Anglia

Huntingdon (or C**tingdon as it is better described) is without doubt the Chavviest place in the whole of East Anglia (and thats including Ipswich). The colonies of Chavs that march from the wasteland that is the Oxmoor estate each Saturday are a sight to behold. Whether it’s watching the boys tearing along the ring road in their bright yellow Novas with jumbo sized exhausts or the 15 year-old girls slagging off the local bus drivers because there isn’t enough room on the bus for their double buggy, the chavs of Huntingdon and their overwhelming dopeyness always promise a laugh.

To all chav-watchers, come to Huntingdon and witness the chavs in their natural habitat, surrounded by the 60s arcitecture that so nicely compliments the Kappa shell suits and 6inch diameter earrings. It is truly a sight to behold.

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