Hulls Preston Road estate

North EastYorkshire

Preston rd estate, no amount of superlatives can descibe this place. The residents are forth and fifth generation underclass vermin, they have there own distinct accent it sounds like the regular Hull accent but when they talk its like they are holding their noses , very odd! Gangs of chavbos roam the street until 8am everyday of the week its like a f*****g circus. I once ventured onto Bilton grove with a friend on a weekday afternoon and was greeted by a gang of ratboys armed with eggs who threw them at the car while their parents watched. Peadophilia is rife here and 20 year men do get 13 year old school girls pregnant to ensure the survival of the next generation of  vermin. To put how scummy this area is into context i once spoke to a guy who worked on a community project on Preston Rd and he said it was the worst place he had ever been in his life, he was brought up in Belfast near the Shankill rd! If visiting Preston rd please ensure you have all vaccinations up to date and check with FCO website for up to date information and good luck.

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