Hull- The Nest- Document one

Yes, the nest. The place were they all gather. They ARE the Apocalypse, the doom of mankind. No more to say then that they are utter assholes which think they are the masters of the universe, although I don’t think they even know what “Universe ” means.

Yes, Hull or ” ull ” as they like to call it IS **** central. The most common place to find them is places like Greatfield, Preston road and About everywhere in Hull. Yes, we see them everywhere. Smoking ” Weed “, Stealing money (Stealing everything in that matter.), Doing anything which makes people life’s hard for them. They seem to hang out on the streets doing nothing. I have a bunch of ***** who turn up at the back of my house at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM and stay there for hours just drinking shouting and smoking. Round my house is a park, the ***** like to come on their loudist motorbike and ride around the field none stop. ***** will normaly start anyway possblie to start a fight. Examples-

” Wat ya luking at?! “
” Did yuz sayz somthinz? “
” Why did ya da push menz? “
And that utter bullshit which you get off them.

How grim is your Postcode?

Here are some top **** places you SHOULD avoid-

McDonalds- Full of unwanted people you want to see normaly, I sometimes go and lucky enough they are none there depending on where you go and what time and day.

Preston Road- This is the ture **** central. The long road of Great Chavvyness. Dare if you want or learn the hard way, you are likely to be followed or bullied.

Greatfield- Just try and blend in or you will find yourself in grave danger. Me and some friends were just walking when two ***** of the female *** told us ” Wat yarrrr lukkking att?! ” ( look at comment above ) They told us to f*uk off, funny thing was we WERE. No they just would’nt leave us alone. The females seem to play around for more than the males, meaning they just won’t piss off. Also they HATE people with ginger hair, A bunch of gang attacks were normaly on my fellow ginger friend.

Fun Junction- This place is just crawling with *****, Indies Assault course is the worse, With people ” Tagging ” smashing up the place, its more like a death trap than a childrens play area.

Buses- Try and get a bus which is safe, I remember one time two female ***** were threatening a man at the back of the bus, telling him he was a per and telling him to f*ck off. One of them even pulled out a knife and said ” dis as bean in a few skuls. ”

Other- Look anywhere else and your bound to run into one.

Be aware of *****, they hold many surprises and will be hiding in places you would’nt really think of them been there. So next time you see 14 year old Chantelle Marry Armstrong walking down the street with her 19 year old boyfriend, oversized earrings, a cigarette in her gob and pushing a pram with 20 children in it, You know your in **** central.

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