Hull, OPE

North EastYorkshire

Places to avoide in Hull, part one.

When perusing through this wonderful city and it’s surrounding areas, one cannot help but notice what a total dunghole Orchard Park Estate is. Row upon row of badly built, prefab terraced houses and towering flats full of skag heads totally blot the wonderful landscape that is the East Riding of Yorkshire.
Most of the residents of “OPE” are Jeremey Kyle wannabes with teeth like  brazil nuts, they have more tattoos than IQ points and a can of Tennants Super is usually permanently fixed to grubby little yellow fingered hands. The women are dog rough, with badly streaked hair, soverign rings decorating every finger and they have the heady aspirations of one day renting a des res in Kingswood a.k.a. Bransholmewood. And together they can be seen at around 10.30 in the morning pushing a crusty little urchin in a pram with no clothes on and a bottle so filthy it should carry a warning from the department for sanitation around the street like its a status symbol that they have their own council house.

Even the thieving gypsies refuse to set up camp on Brandsholme or Kingswood.

The teens on that estate are either in prison or on Hull Royal maternity ward and there is a definate lack of old age pensioners due to the high rate of muggings, burglaries, bag snatching and granny bashing that goes on.

At least their pitbulls have something to piss against with all the burned out cars and stolen shopping trolleys that little the streets.

However I would recommend that you drive through OPE during the festive season to see the chav splendor of OPE illuminations. All the unemployed, income support scroungers that cannot afford to feed “their bairns” for most of the year, manage to cover their grubby little hovels in hundreds of pounds worth of pulsating fairy lights and tacky, plastic Father Christmas`.

In short: OPE is a smug reminder to those that live in a half decent area how very lucky they are.

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