Hull **** central but not as bad as people make it out to be

Yeah…people all over the place think of Hull to be a Shed…A **** ******** dump but its not all that bad…..Im from hull and have lived here all ma life and yes believe it or not i am a **** lol but im a female ****….So now i bet ur all assuming that i go out sleep wiv all the lads, get pregnant go get an abortion drink do drugs and theive…..well i dont!! I have a Full time job wich pays decent and buys me my clothes and jewelery..i work hard for my gear.
Bet youve heard of branzholme as well..supposedly the largest council estate in europe….this also is not as bad as it sounds…i am a 17 year old girl and can walk round there on my own on a night and not be harmed by a fly!!!
Greatfield however…..a slightly smaller council estate where the ***** hang round on the local shopping parade….girls tend to be more scared of you but its the lads that are the bravest….they are the ones that will challenge you and the rest of your charvers.
The worst council estate in hull has to be orchard park…..Avoid this area after 6 at night…****** ***** all from this area will stop at no means to get u off their turf off hull!
Mcdonalds in the town centre is also to be avoided at whatever time off the day it is unless you want milkshake thrown at you by a ****…i have taken part in an ice cream fight in there and am currently banned but i am hoping to get all my ***** to holderness road and return to weekly macyd meals

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