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Hull were to start? I’ve lived here all my life. it is **** central make no mistake! The true ***** from the various council estates and those who populate anlaby and hessle road (pos worse than the estates) have been around in hull for years although not always called ***** they were always thieving dole scrounging baby making cider swilling loudmouthed *******!

now dont get me wrong there are nice people living all over hull, decent people, hardworking people, even those who on first sight look like ***** can actually be nice people, its just how alot of people in hull dress – sports makes and lots of ‘gold’ jewelry.

as you start getting to the outskirts of hull you get the wannabes those who’s mummy’s and daddy’s will gladly indulge in there offspring’s latest ‘fashion fad’ of rockports and hooped earrings these little teeny boppers would probably run at the first sign of trouble and have probably never set foot on a council estate in there lifes, they also blatantly put on ‘the voice’ naaar maaate ya fuckin silly bastid’ (really i didn’t know people from swanland (place nr hull) spoke like that?!)

however as the **** culture spreads it is not only restricted to the so called ‘rough ‘ parts of hull these little bastards now congregate and cause trouble all over riding around on stolen bikes/ motorbikes with there nike tracksuit bottom tucked into there socks, so called ‘nice’ areas are now overrun wit these **** and there not coming from other so called rough places, they live there themselves

the market on walton street is overrun with **** families now don’t get me wrong im no snob i sometimes go there myself , it is simply **** heaven, cheap jewelry cd’s mobile phones, cheap designer clothes e.g. henri lloyd jackets and jumpers. The place is packed with 19 year old mums pushing buggy’s with there 4 ‘bairns’ in tow the boys of wich will have skin heads and proudly know how to swear like there dad taught them and 1 year old Chantelle Jamie lee Mercedes will have some tasteful gold earrings in! often whole families of ***** including nana and several cousins aunties and brothers and sisters will all venture there to spend ther dole, the cries of ‘ ere our lass look 10 zippo lighters for a quid’ ‘ere mam look at them gorgeus earings for the bairn’ can be heard frequently.

Hull fair must be the highlight of any ***** year. Get your best gill jackets on and your biggest sovereigns or you’ll let the side down, pull some of your best moves to the hardcore beats while waiting for a go on the waltzers you never know ladies you may even atract the attention of one of the gypsy fairground workers! but if your earrings aint big enough and your make up not on thick enough forget it!

Hull city centre is full of the grotty little ***** any time of the week , iv never had a problem though really while out shopping/ out drinking on a night as alot of other people (ie non grotty **** *******) who come out on a weekend to shop/drink on a night seem to dilute down the number of *****. while the shops in hull are pretty good there is also a high number of poundshops/pasty shops/ cheepo shops. ***** tend to hang around in princess key shopping centre looking for ‘fit’ ***** of the opposite sex. ‘ gawd look at im shelley he’s got 5 sovereigns on orrr man he is well fiit’ :-/
Another popular place to hang out in town is macdonalds the place is packed with 12 year old ***** who arent old enough to hang around in pubs acting like knobs so they do it in here. its also full of **** mams feeding there screeming shouting clan wit nutricious cheese burgers, while shouting at them to ‘stop ******* around’ ‘mercedes get back on your fuckin chair,i swear down man just fuckin behave’ .
you can also catch many ***** gasing into lizzy dukes at the gorgeus gold t bar chains, the tasteful DAD rings, or the massive hooped earing that say sexy through the middle. niice!

Alot of pubs in hull are for ‘local people’ only if you dare to venture in youl be greeted by a sudden silence and cold stares , your pint will probably be slammed down in front of you, not that youd want to venture into these pubs mainly as they they stink of piss and haven’t been decorated since just after the war.

The hull language can be quite tricky to an out sider –

words like shorts and door become shooats n dooah.

no becomes naar
yes or yeh becomes yerrr

Hull becomes ull as do most words beggining with a h.

silly **** , ******* bastard, **** off, are probarbly the most commonly used phrases

you get the point!

well that just about concludes my rant. peace out

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