Well, what can i say, despite that fact that this old former textile town is finding its feet and is being helped along by lots of expensive regeneration programs there are still certain areas that have been overrun by ********. Go down to Dalton, Waterloo, Moldgreen or Almondbury and you’ll see what i mean, they’re everywhere.

Recently in Almondbury a new kids playground was built and landscaped, it was paid for through various kinds of fundraising done by the local primary school. It had been officially open less than one day before the ***** trashed it, and i mean trashed, they totally gutted it.

it would seem they enjoy living in their own squalor, everytime something good is done for the benefit of the area they smash it. The town centre and Kingsgate shopping centre are full of them, infact it’s rapidly becoming a no go area on a saturday afternoon as they roam around in gangs with their keys and mobile phones ******* round their necks, unable to string a sentence together without every other word being an expletive. They have pretty much taken over Heaven and hell (a nightclub incase you’re wondering) everywhere you look all you see is burberry and gold plated elizabeth Duke jewellery, they all seem to like wearing a single golf glove too (???) and walking with that “i’ve got one leg shorter than the other” swagger.

How grim is your Postcode?

There have alwasy been plenty of customised crappy cars on the road around here, but perhaps even more annoying are the customised 50cc peugeot speedfights that are popping up everywhere, these are for the **** that is not yet old enogh to drive. They’re nearly always speedfights and they nearly always have a aftermarket exhaust fitted which does nothing to improve the performance it merely makes the things noisy. The ***** very rarely ride alone, threy tend to be in gangs, never in single file, meaing that as soon as they hit any type of incline they slow to 8mph and taking up the whole road completely oblivious to everyone they’re holding up behind them. Sometimes you’ll see the **** crouch right down on his scooter hoping to cut down on the air resistance so he can go a bit faster, this always makes me point and laugh.

For a demo of the **** sccoterists trying to impress the ****** lady ***** simply go and look in the Morrisons car park from about 7pm onwards, thousands of the cretins, unfortunately they never seem to fall off.

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