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Hucknall, the jewel in the crown of Nottingham, ex mining town and where Lord Byron is buried. Surrounded by ex mining communities of Newstead and Bulwell, nowadays all the pits have closed and this is the perfect breeding grounds for Chavs! Hucknall itself has a massive amount of Burberry wearing, Gazza style motors and one of the best scummy estates in Nottingham, stuff your St Annes and your Bestwood’s this is rapidly climbing up the “Chav Charts” and will not stop until number 1. Where can we survey this “Chavness” I hear you ask?? Top three hang outs, Market square with it’s shitty souped up Novas and Escorts with neon lights lit up underneath and crosseyed tosswits giving the old bill the eye whist flicking his Chavettes bean in the front seat. The tram stop car park, whist the Chavs are here they don’t have to go to far to shoplift as Tesco is nearby AND it’s open 24 hours, not like the fat security guards could chase them, whilst pegging it from the shop. And of course the pubs in Hucknall are second to none for aggro, the Wine Bar or to give it’s proper name The Crime bar has a roaring trade in WifeBeater and any other Loopy juice which the Chav demands to quench his thirst and to give him the extra motivation to kick s**t out of his Chavette.

A mention of Hucknall would not be without mentioning Newstead Village, hear the Chavs walk round with air rifles and set light to houses. No one in their right mind would venture through this warzone, what makes the Chavs even more unique is the fact their dad is also their brother and their mum is their gran and their sister????!!! Confused…………????? So are they!!

So watch out for Hucknall racing to the top of the Chav Chart, bet one it to be Christmas number 1!

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