Hounslow High Street is THE birth place of ****, having spent 6 years at school in Hounslow I have watched the birth of Chavdom develop in leaps and bounds.

Let us start with the first meeting place for all *****…Hounslow Bus garage. There you will see a wide variety of ****, from pensioner **** (yes they do exist) just coming out of the mecca bingo to the real good old fashioned Hounslow ***** who made the area what it is today. The **** meets its other **** friends at the bus garage. Dressed in the **** uniform of Burberry, Reebok, anything from Elizabeth Arden and for the girls the extra accessory of a baby who is also dressed in Burberry, Reebok and anything from Elizabeth Arden.

The girls fingers are bejewelled with attractive rings that say “Mum” or the classic sovereign given to them by their baby father. For the lads nothing but the very best knock off designer gear will do, Hacket & Reebok being the favourite choice.

How grim is your Postcode?

They then make their way up Hounslow High Street with their benefit money burning a hole in their pocket. Hounslow High Street is the place style forgot and it has the classic **** retail outlets like Pound Stretcher, Peacocks, Iceland and the all time fav….Primark. But all true ***** buy everything at their mecca….Hounslow Treaty Centre.

Hounslow Treaty Centre is where you’ll find all ***** and ********* spending their riches. The many discount clothing stores are full to the brim of ********* looking for that perfect outfit to wear for their night out at Shannons.

There are many schools which surround Hounslow Town Centre so the vision of young up and coming ***** & ********* are commonplace.

There are many varietys of Hounslow ****, here’s a few: Rude Bwoy **** – likes to think he runs Hounslow with his other rude bwoy friends, they can be black or white…***** see no colour.

NF **** – The openly racist **** but does have a few black friends cause they are all right its the others they don’t like.

Baby Mother **** – Dripping in cheap gold, pushing a pram wearing Reebok trainers and cut off trousers.

Hounslow High Street has been instrumental in the development of the **** and there is one **** born every 3 minutes at West Middlesex Hospital in the neighbouring **** town of Isleworth.

Please do your best to avoid Hounslow at all costs because apparantly Chavness is contagious, if you happen to find yourself at Hounslow West (where ALL Hounslow ***** reside) station pray that you don’t get robbed as thats where the evil ***** live.

You have been warned.

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