Houghton Le Spring (Sunderland) What can I say!

Living in Houghton le Spring, Tyne and Wear

What can I say!!!!!!! there must be a fault in the matrix which allows, these poor misguided young people to drift from town to town, they are all the bleeding same, classless yobs, a subculture of parasitic **** existing on benefits and provie loans to finance their tredmill lives. In Houghton you see mainly the ********* during daylight, dripping with Argos gold, their hair pulled so far up by scunchies, the coke can curl fringe, cemented by a tin of cheap laquer, fake tan looking more like a clown than pretty. Possibly the male of the species is still banged up at the nick after a night of unsuccessful graft or has a court appearance for a previous brush with the law!! Gifted they are not.

You see these females, and I use the term loosely, with their omni present offspring (Demi Louise, Chantelle, Tyler, Kylie, Mercedes Lambrini) trudging up and down Newbottle Street in the snide Burberry and Kappa, their foil lined bags abrim with the mornings spoils of shoplifting from Superdrug, the minichavs in the pram sucking on a Greggs pastie and drinking chemical laden blue pop.

After the boys are released from custody or get yet another ticking off from the stalwart magistrates??, the kids safely left with the 30 year old grandma, they unite as a loving couple and migrate like lemmings over the bridge from the Newtown to Houghtons bus link, where they meet up with other like minded nobodies, drink the nectar of the gods from the local asian shop, tins of fosters and bottles of Bella Brusco and the mandatory blue carrier bags are strewn along with the chip trays from Pizza Dial, oh these people know how to live!!!

How grim is your Postcode?

Once suitably pissed, they proceed to abuse anyone and anything that they perceive as different from them, they may entertain themselves by smashing the bus stop windows AGAIN!!! before visiting the high spots of Houghtons metropolis The White Lion for the festeringly bad Karaoke or the Britania for some watery lager. If it’s a weekend and they’ve made enough wedge from the weeks thieving, they may visit Gass nightclub, get tanked on cowies and poor quality tack, get completely slaughtered and pick an unsuccessful fight with the allegedly non registered bouncers. Once suitably chastised and again taken away by blue light taxis, nicked, they are parted from their ******** loves who will likely shag their boyfriend mate while he is in custody!!!! The tredmill continues. Houghton is a decent town, however it, like most towns has this cancerous subculture, leaching their way through life.

Be afraid! be very afraid.