South EastWest Sussex

Horsham is located near Crawley, in between london and brighton. Because of its location, it is torn apart by 2 kinds of teen culture. On 1 side you have ***** that are breeding at an incredible rate (theres a lot of bus shelters in crawley, whcih explains the high teenage pregnancy rate) and infecting Horsham, and on the other you have skaters and rock fans. I wear black most of the time, and this means i stick out as a ‘goth’ by ***** (pronounced gof) which means they tend to avoid me (fear of biting them and getting there blood all over there burberry no doubt) This struggle for who rules Horsham leads to many to mix. there are many 12 year old kids with slipknot hoodies and caps, on the skateboards with there *******. These are just as annoying as *****, as they consider themselves to be skaters.
It is also true that they all support chelsea, and go into holligan mode when chelsea win. As well as this, they all have ‘uncles mates’ who are mechanics who can give them a job ‘weneva i wanna’

Common places for a **** to meet up with many other ***** include outside Mcdonalds (hotspot on a saturday afternoon) and outside pubs. When some of the more wealthy / better thieves get there first car and stick the neon lights and 4ft spoiler on, they are seen cruising through town at 1am with there ‘brothers’ and *******, or coming out of nightclubs and pubs pissed and even more agressive than usual. Anybody who happens to walk into a group of these drunk ***** can kiss goodbye to there phone, wallet and often there front teeth.

“But lik Whoresham is gud fam”

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