Hornchurch and Brentwood

Ill educated guffawing buffoons.

The amount and stupidity of ***** in Brentwood and Hornchurch is absolutely appalling. One night i was at a rock club in Brentwood which usually occupies about 200 people, and about 60 ***** turn up with their nike hats and council house facelifts, expecting to and threatening to, **** everyone there. It’s almost 3 to 1, we all have spiked arm bands, superior intellect etc. and they stick expect to win a fight, which they didn’t even get around to starting before the police arrived. then they took about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to cross the road!
Scenario number 2, i was skating through Hornchurch, you know, just to unwind from a hard day at school and to pick up some stuff from Sainsbury’s, when 3 ***** (suprisingly small group for people like them) cross the road from where i’m skating to the other side, and start throwing rocks at me and calling me “goff” and “grunger” but I just decided it wasn’t worth stooping to their level for, so onto Sainsbury’s i go. then, skating through the car park three other ***** “bowling it” along, one steps out and says “ugguguguh” so i called him an ill educated plonker and kept going, when three of the ugliest girls (if you can call them that) start laughing at me claiming the **** who said “ugguguguh” was “so hard” and “well funny” which was possibly one of the most vomit enducing nights of my life.
And, finally, scenario number 3. It’s winter. It snowed 4 days ago so there’s still a little bit of ice around. I decide to go to the skate park because i thought no one else would be there so i could have a lot of free movement, and about 15 minutes after i arrived a **** turns up and says”will you grass on me if i tag this place up?” i said no, so he walks behind a quarter pipe with a biro and scribbles on the side. At this point i already judge him as an idiot, but he started talking to me and, unbelievably, he was actually quite a nice person. Just as he leaves i’m thinking maybe i could have been a bit too harsh with my judgement of **** behaviour, then a group of about six ***** turn up, sit on all the ramps so all i can do is flatland tricks, start talking (which just really sounded like grunting) and while i’m skating along they start thwoing ice at me. Just as you start to think you’re wrong, some idiots turn up and prove you right,
JimmyH, over and out.

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