HMYOI Warren Hill, Suffolk – ChaValhalla

Although it’s not a town; HMYOI Warren Hill is a condensed and fetid stew of 15 to 18 year old ***** from far and wide.

They wear their prison issue button-up shirts with the collar standing.
They sport their prison issue jeans dropped down halfway down their arses so that the crutch hangs between their knees forcing them to waddle comically as ducks. “Cos’ it is the style, innit.”

“Innit”, “You get me”, “Suck ya mum” and “You ********” are but a few of the more popular phrases used by these hateful, spotty faced, antisocial, wannabe gangsta, street robber, shoplifting, scooter stealing, phone boof’ smashing, cider drinking, “I got bare Evisu and Macheeno on road, yeah”, trash talking oxygen thieves.

How grim is your Postcode?

50 Cent, the Dreem Team, Timothy “Not long til I get me bus pass, innit” Westwood BLAST from their radios at night as they bully eachother and hold inane “conversations” through their vertically narrow windows.
A: “Oiiiiiiiiiiii, SMITTY!”
B: “Wot?!”
A: “You lissenin’?”
B: “Go on man!”
A: “Lissen man, send me a burn (hand rolled tobacco cigarette) now, man!”
B: “You ********! I got no burn, yeah!”
A: “Oi, stop lyin’ man! I know you got burn cos we got our canteen yesserday, yeah, so I know you are holding burn man, so gis’ a burn, yeah!”
A: “Are you lissenin’?!”
B: “What man?”
A: “I’m gonna bang you up (commit fisticuffs on your person) during “sosh” (association time usually held in the evening) yeah so watch your back yeah!”

Pure convicted ChavTrash where it can be established that you don’t need the ChavWear to be a ****: It’s more a state of mind(lessness) and a way of life.
So sad is Englands future.

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