Written by Anonymous. Posted in North West

I’llsborough (as we’d call it ere in sheffas) is the greatest chav hangout in Sheffield. It attracts young scallies, who like to sit outiside chatanooga pizza’s with a fag- shaking with a niccy rush- dropping greasy fries all over the wet pavement.
If u go ”down the ball” u will see chavs at their best- glammed up blondies wearing mini skirts and glitzy pink tops screaming along to ”jump- for my love” and let me rock u chaka khaaaan!!! whilst beefy boxer types stand round this side drinking cold guinness looking at the footy on the plasma screen. dont go in here if ur a student- ui will be found out to be a ”soap dodger” and u will get hammered. Dont forget the golden rule- sheffield people are nice until you push infront of them at the bar….

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