Higham Ferrers

East MidlandsNorthamptonshire

Basically Higham Ferrers is a small town/large village on the outskirts of Rushden (chavcity) Northants. Higham Ferrers is all focused around the main road going through the centre of the town, if you drive along the high street higham comes across as a charming quaint little town rich in heritage and history with winding streets and limestone cottages but this is only a front, if you happen to visit the co-op (the centre of the universe if your a ****) you will see why i think higham Ferrers is the chavyist town in east northants, on a Friday night the coop doorways are lined with **** **** pestering you to buy them a cheap bottle of omega or the slightly more civilised ****’s chose to spend there weekends and any other night of the week for that matter in the swan or the sas (sports and social club) i mean i could get served in both those pubs when I woz like 14, anyway the other **** hot spots are on the market square benches or in the summer ****’s like to ride there motorbikes down to the locks ( a half a mile ride across the fields) stop off at the bypass footbridge, throw rocks and piss off the bridge and then continue to the locks to jump in the river whilst one of them video records the other (jackass style) when you’re a **** that has moved up in the world you would get your first car usually a fiesta 1.1 or some sorta nova rusted to bits and then shove a stupid thing on the exhaust to draw attention to the fact that you have a **** car, then you gather a load of kids in the back and go and do wheel spins and smoke pot in the lorry park

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