high wycombe-white trash capital of the world.

BuckinghamshireSouth East
as a 14-year-old fan of acdc and skinny jeans, life around the area of wycombe isn’t easy. most of the in-bread white trash that attend my school (princes risborough) come for wycombe or the areas around. they love:

shouting abuse across the road at small unsuspecting emo kids.

or really anyone who passes looking different.
******* around down the rye until the early hours of the morning smoking, drinking and throwing litter.
revealing as much naked flesh as they possibly can.
sticking their tongues down each others throats.
comparing ASBO warnings.
talking about the opposite *** like a piece of meat.

of course the local McDonalds is constantly filled to the rim of fat, ugly, spotty ***** filling their faces. and once again giving any girl who walks in who is taller, thinner and better dressed than them an evil vindictive death stare.

so if you ever find yourself driving through high wycombe, close windows, keep all limbs inside the car and put your foot to the floor.

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