High Wycombe – a Londoner’s perspective

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due to the lack of funds to holiday somewhere exotic like indonesia or comoros, i recently got myself a zone 1-6D travelcard and a few bus/rail tickets to tour the area west of london.

it started off great. slough has the most spendiferous selection of hot chicks. gangs of cute chinese girls, the most awesome-looking filipinas, gorgeous indian girls everywhere, with the non-asian girls equally ravishing.
continuing through scenic towns like henley-on-thames, then heading northwards towards amersham, i thought i was in for a lovely quiet journey through green landscapes and pretty little villages.

then, at the top of the hill just before high wycombe a tall, skinny, druggie-looking c**v complete with prototype mannerisms and chavalicious fashion sense entered the bus, greeting the ageing driver with a loud but friendly “safe boss”. he continued to harrass the driver with helpful statements such as “come ON, buddy!”, “get on with it bruv”. i’m not quite sure why this unemployed loafer was in such a hurry, but the driver took no notice of him.

to my surprise the whole place, and it’s a pretty hideous-looking place too, was completely infested with these kevs, whether it be the tall skinny druggie variety or the short, neat, slimy-looking ones with c**v attitude to match even the most ridiculous essex lads.
what makes high wycombe a c**v capital with a difference is the fact that it has retained some of that good ole thing called “ragga”.
i saw man-o-man walking the streets in a late 80s stylee, as spotted in lewisham 1989, and there were indications of high wycombe moving up the mixed-race ranking list too. the place may not yet be approaching mixed-race capitals like shottingham or croydon, but it’s already there, in SPIRIT.
the white dudes walking around the place reminded me very much of your stereotypical bus-jacking, house-theiving mixed-race skunk dealer found in ladbroke grove during the mid-90s.

so what’s stopping high wycombe from being at the very pinnacle of chavdom? well.. please correct me if i’m wrong, but the high wycombe LADIES still have some way to go before they reach the 13-year-old pram-pushing status of the loud, crazy and totally out-of-control chavettes hanging around the run-down p***y s******e that is Tilbury.

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