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This is my response to a post on here about High Wycombe being a C**v town.

Firstly I am a current and long standing resident in Micklefield High Wycombe.  This part of Wycombe was mentioned in the post as well as Downley and Castlefield.

Starting with Micklefield, I disagree with you on it being a predominantly quote “Black” area thats ruled by gangs.  Quite the contrary actually.  It is a multi racial area whose population consists of about equal numbers of Pakistani, English and Black Carribeans. There also may be some Scottish and Indian residents.

Secondly I dont agree with you that the area is ruled by gangs. Like any other residency in a suburban town, it has suffered some vandilsm and robbery, but these crimes are mainly being commited by jouvinilles.

In the last 5 years, the area has had recent redevelopment and about 200 modern and attractive appartments have been built.  This has attracted young professionals and first time buyers.

Onto Downly, you quoted the area being ruled by gangs.  Again like Micklefield the majority of crime in the area is caused by a small number of jouvinilles, and consists of vandelism, but the area is not quote ” ruled by gangs.”

The third area raised was Castlefield.  I agree with the previous post that this area used to have a high crime rate, and this mainly consisted of burglary.  But in the past 5 years, mainly due to increased policing, the crime rate for the area has considerably fallen.  And there is a large number of Pakistani residents in comparrison to other parts of High Wycombe, but the overall population of Castlefield still has a large number of English and Carribean living there.

Another opinion raised was that High Wycombe and the area of Slough has an ongoing quote “turf war.”  I am afraid the previous poster has been listening to too many hip hop songs.  A large proportion of High Wycombe’s population commute to and through Slough, with little tension between the neighbouring towns.  The turf war mentioned may be in reference to jouvinilles, who mainly are bunking off school and have nothing better to do.  But I can assure you there is certanly no reason to worry about travelling to and fro from High Wycombe to Slough for the majority of the residents in these neighbouring towns.

Lastly, I would like to raise the fact that High Wycombe as a whole is developing as we speak.  This is partly due to the attraction to the area because of its location.  A large number of commuters to London are moving to High Wycombe as its only 45 minutes away to the city.  New residential areas are being developed, as the one I mentiond earlier in Micklefield, and also a few business retail parks have also been developed.  As well as this the new shopping centre int the town centre has brought a lot of business and financiall stability to the area.

So my overall assesment to the High Wycombe area is that it is definately the place for you if you work in or near London, and also if you want the stabillity of living in town which has a good source of jobs.  I agree some crime does take place, but no more than any other suburban town, and which consists mainly of petit crime and vandelism from jouvinilles.

I do hope if you do read this, that you take my opinion as trustworthy and unbiased.  I have good experience of the area as I have lived here most of my life.

Yours truelly,

REV KEV, Micklefield resident.

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