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The somewhat quaint town of the Wirral, Heswall is well known for its beauty and stature as one of the richest parts in the Wirral. One would assume Heswall to be “****-less” and swarming with a higher class of inhabitants.

However, contrary to what one might expect, Heswall is under attack from many **** units. These ***** infiltrate the picturesque town by using the 71 or 72 bus (coming in from Birkenhead or Liverpool) or by invading in ****-mobiles.

A personal favourite of the smelly little **** armies is outside the library. For some reason they believe they are hard for doing so but do not realise everybody knows that they are sad ***** that aren’t hard enough to last a minute in Liverpool or Birkenhead.

How grim is your Postcode?

The ***** of Heswall are somewhat timid when confronted thus supporting the fact of their ‘unhardness’.

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