Hessle Road / Anlaby Road, Hull

North EastYorkshire

okay so you guys are all nice n busy slagging off Hull’s various Council estates (one of which I live on), probably having never visited the majority of them whilst badmouthing them in any old fashion. Yes Orchard Park and Bransholme have their bad areas and bad points, but they also have their good. But what most people seem to have overlooked is the fact the the worst ******** in the town is not a council estate at all, but the slums of Hessle and Anlaby Road. You have the usual gangs of ***** and ********* loitering around as usual, but there’s an even more silent threat of violence ******* in the air, and most of the people seem to lack the ability to point both their eyes in the same direction, no doubt a trait gained after years of having to be aware of whats around you 24/7 in case you are either attacked from behind for no apparent reason or caught earning your living by the security staff at asda.
I once parked my car down Greek Street off Hawthorne Ave (stupid mistake I know) and when I came to get it the next day what i can only describe as a semi-human semi-snot thing dribbled out of its doorway with an axe and told me if it saw my car again it’d put it in the humber with me in the boot! The next time I had to leave my car round there I parked it on the main road, only to have it nicked, pissed and **** in, then rolled on its roof – *****.
The people that live round there are a level below anyone i’ve ever met on Bransholme. The people that inhabit Bransholme and Orchard Park originated from the Slum clearance of Hessle Road and have been watered down by mixing them with decent human beings, but the original sub human dirt that was Hessle Road has been allowed to continue to breed amongst itself to leave us with the strange species of violence loving, law hating, selfish, idiotic things that now inhabit that area. Pulling down Woodcock Street is not the answer, it merely moves the **** around into better areas, I say just build a big fence around it and let them continue to **** each others sisters and mothers and whatever else they do round there and let the rest of us live in relative peace and safety.
So please before you start on Bransholme, Orchard Park and everywhere else, remember that the chavness of these estates is merely a watered-down-by-time version of what is to be found in the slums between Anlaby and Hessle Road.

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