Hessle, just ouside the c**v mecca Hull

North EastYorkshire

Well where do i really start?
I guess the square is going to be the best place.
From the dregs of the gutter they come out, hanging around the bus shelter or sat on the bench next to the phone box, been ‘ard’.
dear oh dear, acting like a bad version of a new york gangster but in a slightly more low budget version.
The hessle foressore car park, where at night, you can always find examples of the best quality c**v-mobiles on the planet (think your nans old nova with lots of giant pieces of lego melted onto it?)
I honestly cannot think of ANYTHING that made me want to stay in that place for any longer than i had to.
The school is one of the worst in the county, if not COUNTRY, and the pubs are terrible beyond belief.
I had the misery of living there.
I was lucky…i escaped!

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