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This town is small, very small full of nice buildings but unless you either want a haircut, to get pissed or eat it’s useless. The place is dead during the day, more shops closing down than opening, when they do reopen its as a hairdressers!! There are only so many haircuts you can have. Bonus is that the place is on a train link into London.
By night the girl chavettes come out in (flood in from Essex) heals so high they struggle to walk, often tipping over and head butting the pavement or local shop front. They have more makeup on their faces than can be found in Superdrug and Boots combined, they generally speak another language using words like ‘realm’ which to me means a pack of paper! They proceed to move from bar to bar like a plague, mouthing off, spitting (guys to), abusing passers buy and being predictable in their choice of bar/club. The guys that are out are so vain they choose to spend an evening in one of the 18 hairdressers having s brush up, walking around with aftershave so strong they are like walking glade plug ins on max.
On the whole the place is fine for a night out if you choose your pub wisely, nice walks along the river but its so small and dull! And completely overpriced for what you get.
By: Tom

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