Hereford-Nice place, shame about the people

HerefordshireWest Midlands

Hereford. It’s a cathedral city on the Welsh border. It has a lot of history and the most beautiful countryside in England. Those are it’s good points.
Sadly, nothing much has changed since 1597. Herefordians are extremely narrow minded and prejudiced. Hereford saps ambition. It is the only city in the uk without a bypass, hence it takes an hour to travel two miles by car at peak times. But what makes it into the s******e that it has become in the last few years, is due to the influx of benefit claiming scum and the rise of the chav. Visiting high town on a weekday is like some fat, badly dressed freakshow. All the women slappers have the council house facelift hairstyle(ha!), and they always go around in groups of two or three, blocking everything up with their double pushchairs. The ringroad and Broad streeet have become a racetrack for the boy racers in their chavved-up shitbox hatchbacks. And as for nightlife? Pond life more like! Hereford has to be experienced to be believed. No amount of creative writing can paint the true picture of this rural haven for inbred bumpkins and council estate p***y chav filth! A one Megaton nuclear bomb airburst over Newton Farm might just clean up this toilet.

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