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The **** *********** of Henley is coming into full swing with drunk ***** blocking the roads.

10 years ago when we first moved to the town Henley was a quiet and beautful serene place with barely any crime and barely any *****. Now with the opening of various **** franchises there is an influx of the peasents and it must be stopped. The river is a beautiful thing until the ***** come along and tip anything that floats into it. Walking along the river i have seen trolleys and benches floating down through the current. Personally i think that the river is a suitable place for the ***** of Henley. Chuck em in and eventually they will remerge in Reading where they can be properly looked after. Also when i was out sculling the other day i was making my way through the bridge when i looked up and saw about ten male **** youths sitting on the bridge dangerously close to falling off. A little known fact about Henley is that the old bridge and its ruins are located next to the current bridge. This means that any **** falling off the bridge is more than likely to become impaled by the old bridge’s ruins. Not a bad thing.

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