Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Anglia, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
After living in Dunstable for the first 11 years of my life, and going to primary school in Luton, I didn’t think it could get much worse. I could not of been more wrong. My parents decided the best place for me was J.F.K in Hemel Hempstead a.k.a ” emel emstead” And if I were going on the first 2 years I would have to agree with them. I never felt the need to stray into Hemel to go shopping in the oh so lovey marlowes, or risk life and limb braving the chavs at the notorious Jarman Park. And although Dunstable town centre leaves a lot to be desired, i never got in any bother there, nor on my many trips to the Galxy in Luton, even though i was mocked at J.F.K for ” coming from the s******e”.
But in Year 9, when i was 13/14, some new friends from Hemel persuaded me to accompany them to a Under-18’s night at Ignite( a skanky nightclub in Leisure World). Being young and naive i agreed. As i stepped out of the car i regretted my decision. Queing outside the club on one side were close to a hundred girls, most in cheap looking pink and white ra-ra skirts and barely there tops, all of them freezing in the December chill. On the right were gangs of chav boys, some who looked barely 10, probably on there initiation night out, ready to start mass brawls. The others looked far to old to be at an Under-18s night, simply looking for an easy pull.
So we entered, and i must admit for the first hour i thoroughly enjoyed myself, after i had gotten used to the arse-grabbing and wolf whistles.
But then a girl approached me, chubby, greasy, over-straightened hair, lipgloss poking out of her bra. I recognised her as a girl who had left my school in year 7, and actually went to smile at her. Then i noticed the 15 or so other chav girls or boys standing behind her. She pushed into me . ” Wha ave you been sayin bou me ” she screeched, and me being completely taken by surprise, laughed and told her that of course i had said nothing about her. She then went on to call me a dosser( i was so shocked by this i nearly made the mistake of telling her it was her own mother who was the ” dosser” as she was the one living off benefits, but luckily i came 2 my senses) and then started kicking my friend and making threats ” Im gonna kill ya outside aftawards, jus wait ” All the while her friends (safely standing behind her) made feeble attempts to slap me.
Luckily i didn’t get my head kicked in by this merry band of chavs and chavettes, as a another friend grabbed me out of there just in time and i made a speedy retreat home.
But i have learnt my lesson, and never again will i venture into the chav hell hole that is Jarman Park.

  • Kayleigh

    So, let me get this right. A teenager having a disagreement/”fight” with another teenager – woah! Shock horror! I’m afraid you will find that anywhere you go, plus I have lived in Hemel Hempstead for all 19 years of my life AND attended JFK for seven of those years, and not once had an issue.
    I also suggest you stay in school for a while longer, or ditch those dodgy friends that suggested you go out with them (even though you didn’t want to) and perhaps stay in to learn some correct grammar before writing a post like this.
    I’m glad you’ve “learned your lesson” though – phew, what a relief!

  • yer hemel is a bit chavvy but i live there and never had a bad experience although i often see chavs ‘hangin’round the rundown shops e.g. bellgate and bennetsgate. however think of the posh places like boxmoor, felden and parts of leverstock green. Places with good folk and actually have charectar.

  • Shanice Ireland

    Ive lived in Hemel for pretty much all my life what has been seventeen years, I must admit Hemel is the most vile, rancid town I’ve had the displeasure of living in. Fortunately my father sees sense and resides in Tring, where the people are genuinely friendly and the air is fresh. Unlike Hemel where simple tasks like walking through places like benettes end shops become a very unpleasant experience as you feel numerous young thugs eyes burning into the back of your skull, as you dare to walk through their “endz”. A place where you could get “knacked out” if you dare stare back at the person who looked like Nike threw up on them who has been staring at you for the last ten minutes. I just hope my fellow youngsters see sense and make something of them selfs if they insist on clawing their way out of this feteted puss pool that is Hemel Hempstead. I would also just like to say, not all teenagers here are Chav thugs and don’t use the world “blud”, “init” and buy all our clothes at JD sports, some of us are very pleasant kids and are trying our very hardest to make Hemel more habitable, or trying despretly to get out.

  • Rob

    I went to school at JFK. Pretty chilled experience but that was in early to mid 90s when the rave scene had chilled everyone out and The Prodigy had united the chavs with the metalheads.

    I’ve seen some sketchy sh*t in Hemel but other than a couple of run ins with some local psychos, I’ve never really had a BAD experience of the place.

    It’s just that a majority of the inhabitants are quite gloomy and small-minded in their outlook on life.

    I always hold though that about 1 in 10 people in Hemel are good, honest, hardworking folk who have the right mindset.

    I’m probably being too fair and looking back with rose tinted glasses but I’ve been to far, far worse places than Hemel (Leamington Spa springs to mind).