hemel- My journey into **** hell

East AngliaHertfordshire
After living in Dunstable for the first 11 years of my life, and going to primary school in Luton, I didn’t think it could get much worse. I could not of been more wrong. My parents decided the best place for me was J.F.K in Hemel Hempstead a.k.a ” emel emstead” And if I were going on the first 2 years I would have to agree with them. I never felt the need to stray into Hemel to go shopping in the oh so lovey marlowes, or risk life and limb braving the ***** at the notorious Jarman Park. And although Dunstable town centre leaves a lot to be desired, i never got in any bother there, nor on my many trips to the Galxy in Luton, even though i was mocked at J.F.K for ” coming from the ********”.
But in Year 9, when i was 13/14, some new friends from Hemel persuaded me to accompany them to a Under-18’s night at Ignite( a ****** nightclub in Leisure World). Being young and naive i agreed. As i stepped out of the car i regretted my decision. Queing outside the club on one side were close to a hundred girls, most in cheap looking pink and white ra-ra skirts and barely there tops, all of them freezing in the December chill. On the right were gangs of **** boys, some who looked barely 10, probably on there initiation night out, ready to start mass brawls. The others looked far to old to be at an Under-18s night, simply looking for an easy pull.
So we entered, and i must admit for the first hour i thoroughly enjoyed myself, after i had gotten used to the ****-grabbing and wolf whistles.
But then a girl approached me, chubby, greasy, over-straightened hair, lipgloss poking out of her bra. I recognised her as a girl who had left my school in year 7, and actually went to smile at her. Then i noticed the 15 or so other **** girls or boys standing behind her. She pushed into me . ” Wha ave you been sayin bou me ” she screeched, and me being completely taken by surprise, laughed and told her that of course i had said nothing about her. She then went on to call me a dosser( i was so shocked by this i nearly made the mistake of telling her it was her own mother who was the ” dosser” as she was the one living off benefits, but luckily i came 2 my senses) and then started kicking my friend and making threats ” Im gonna **** ya outside aftawards, jus wait ” All the while her friends (safely standing behind her) made feeble attempts to slap me.
Luckily i didn’t get my head kicked in by this merry band of ***** and *********, as a another friend grabbed me out of there just in time and i made a speedy retreat home.
But i have learnt my lesson, and never again will i venture into the **** hell hole that is Jarman Park.

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