Hedge End

This is a small outer city town called Hedge End on the outskirts of southampton. Now this is usually a peaceful town where nothing actually happens until a Friday or a Saturday night. When the **** Alarm rings in the ears of all the ***** in Hedge End.

There are two places too spot a **** one is in the “village” next to the skate ramp in a small metal shelter erected by the council (they obviously were feeling sorry for them falling ill in the elements). Here they usually sit drink White Lighing or Stella / Kronie and getting bladdered. Whilst in there drunken state they find it funny to smash shops, scare people by walking in groups of 20 or more and say “What u looking at?” well a group of plebs actually!! Or annoy the police and run away!! Big Tough Guys these are. Also when fair comes to town we have annual Hedge End boys vs Harefield Boys, How matture!!! (oh hedge end boys lose!)

The second hive of Acchavity is McDonalds car park, where they take there suped up Nova’s or what ever piece of **** they drive and look at each others engines or try to intemidate other drive thru users with there ape like stares. They also have great fun racing up and down roads, donutting and playing total euphoria full blast in there cars.

How grim is your Postcode?

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