Heanor the land where chavy teens rule.

Heanor the land where chavy teens rule.

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Well Heanor where do I start it is an old market town which use to have a thriving community. It once had a market that filled the whole town centre up but now theres just a few frames of stalls, a butchers van and a jacket potato stand, this is the perfect hang out for the **** as its got something to climb on, benches, a source of food and a man to terrorise but this isn’t all of it across the street from the market are the towns main takeaways Dominos pizza Crest of the wave chip shop and Uk fried chicken well here is a description of the three main takeaways (there are around 20 all together and the population is only 23000)

Domminos pizza
This is the newest “corporation” in Heanor after tesco, gregs, aldi,instore and home bargains all **** favourites you may note Domminos has provided jobs for some ***** who want to get free pizza or are forced to for work there by the judge (allegedly*). I have to say they do make a good pizza there.

Crest of the wave ship shop
Well there are two sections in this “Restaurant” the take away section where all the ***** come in to collect there Sunday lunch and the back sit down area where families and old people come to have a traditional meal of fish and chips its a really nice place to go for your dinner but it burnt down recently all the police are saying is suspicious (allegedly*), so a **** probably petrol bombed it or chucked a spliff at we just don’t know all we know is that its the second building on that street to burn down recently, the last place was knock of ghetto other wise know as the cossy market (which is becoming a william hill bookies so now within 50 meters of each other a william hill, ladbrokes and betfred)

How grim is your Postcode?

Uk fried chicken

As far as I know this is the ***** favourite hang out as it does fast food cheaply the ***** go in call the foreign owners nasty racist names then leave with the food they’ve prepared it makes no sense to me.

Most of the ***** in heanor are aged between 2 – 40 bellow that age of 2 the children aren’t allowed out on the streets yet to young YES I have seen toddlers drinking on street corners at around 10 at night this normally happens in langley mill which is also on **** towns. Most people now only live to 40 in this area after this they pay to move to spain with money they’ve made dealing drugs or got from insurance fraud.

At the age of 14 you will be able to be served at the que sara pub even younger if your a girl with long blonde hair with big breasts (allegedly*).
Most of the drug dealers are located on Ray street in the dilapidated victorian terraces you will either have to go to the rays arms beer garden or go to the dealers house your selve.
There are two main gangs in Heaner the HTC (heanor town crew) and the LMC langley mill crew  these two gangs are rivels and spray paint shoddy tags all over town even in the Country park most are out of control school kids from the local schools Aldercar community language college and Heanor gate science college.

The worse place in heanor from personal experience is Kew cressent it is a street with around 30 council house on it might only sound small but its as if all the problems from a full blown estate have been rammed in this little street it is hell on earth everyone who lives on it are extremely ugly fat and smell all women on the street have around 7 children all with different dads. I have noticed when driving by at speed that all house have trampolines in the garden the new symbol of a council estate. Everyone on this street knows how to grow drugs and have taken them by the time they are 8 When I was 10 we where learning about drugs in class and a boy from this street put his hand up when the teacher showed us a picture of LSD and said Ive had some of that before daddy sells it amazingly the teacher didn’t do anything she looked use to it!! When I was 12  got my bike stolen on this street which is why I hate it and the dirty **** bags who live on it.

Before I stop writing there are some nice people in Heanor but not many.

PS every single teen ive come across in the schools or on the street binge drink at least twice a week even the geeks do it.

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