Headley Down

South East

Well this town WAS quite a nice place once upon a time I hear… But not anymore!! It seems to be overrun with *****/*********! Ok so they aren’t as cheap as the Bordon **** gang but they’re still *****! I think the reason theres so many is because they’ve been breeding in the council estate up there! I mean they seem to be everywhere I look when I occasionally venture up there to see my Aunt! You can see the reflection off of the jewelry a mile off, if you get to close you get blinded, and not always just by the jewelry, stray to near to these gits and you get “a smack in da mouf mate!”
The best place to go **** spotting is by One Stop.. they seem to love it up there! Must be the fact that alcohol is in there! You get the 12 year old girls with their little boobs tryin 2 get sum 21 year old to buy her and he other ****** mates booze! I wasnt allowed to wear make-up when I was 12, but these lil ********* are caked in it! If they smile it’s like a desert on their face! It’s digusting in my opinion! And whats with the whole tucking your trackies into your socks?! It looks like they’ve been riding a bike and forgotten to take their trousers out of the shoes (I’ve seen such a thing on older men with their short cotton socks, very sweet) But the Vicky Pollard look just doesn’t work, sorry girls but it doesn’t!
The sooner I move from Headley (note that I’m not from Headley Down) the better because I’m sick of getting people asking me for ****, bjs and other stuff that isn’t major or worth mentioning! **** all **** **** I say, send the three stripe army to the moon without any form of food, bling, burberry or make-up! Then see how they survive 😀

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