hazel grove

MerseysideNorth West

***** everywhere, you cant help but see them. i am unfortunate enough to listen in this place. shops are run by drugie teen *****. weed is common and gangs run the streets. one of the meeting places is torkington park,

torkington park becomes a **** city at nightime and lies host to their activities such as *** and drinking and drugs. when day comes bits of condoms that have been used can br found in trees. hazel grove high is where they all go, a **** school. marple hall is for emos and moshers. i go t cheadle hulme which thankfully has hardly any ***** and more emos. most of my old friends came from the race course which isnt too bad. my other friend came from a place called the valley which is arguably the worst area where most people carry knives and needles and spliffs line the floor. visiting hazel grove isnt a good idea. best to carry straight on to bramhall or wilmslow.

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