Written by Anonymous. Posted in North West

Haydock is full of inbred chavs, trying to determine where they hang out is really quite difficult as the will keep changing the holes which they congregate in.
haydock is well know for being a chav hole, every mosher swedy etc. is at risk of a beating by chavs because each corner you turn here will be another group. king georges park is the worst place to visit at any time during the day, this is because there will always be groups of chavs scattered accross the field drinking their cheap cider and causing an eye sore, not only do they congregate on the fields but they cause damage to the childrens play area smashing bottles and breaking the slides, swings etc. cant they find something better to do?
haydock is also the home of the “haydock massive” this is basically a group of thugs who go around beating people up, and probably most have them have been arrested by now.
throughout haydock there are several streets that become chav infested by night, i live near central drive and it is not only the youths who get into fights do drugs and deal them, i once heard a man who was in his late 30’s saying how he would join in if a bunch of scousers came down to fight, this shows that the chavs there are aso the adults and parents who should be setting an example.
once night time comes many of the chavs will roam away from haydock to trash the Neighbouring towns, many times i will see “yickers” congregating outside the job centre in ashton town centre drugged up and drunk. all in all haydock is a terrible place to live as it is infested with chavs, and each house is generally another rat hole that needs to be burned to the ground with the occupants still inside although not all the folk in Haydock are chavs but it is the very small majority that arent.

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