Hawkwell And Hockley

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Ahh Hockley and Hawkwell are both the same thing quite little peacfull villages with a small population and friendly locals not much really happens to be hounest but there is one major problem and that is the village high street and Hockley train station well start off by telling you all about the village eldon way is a hotspot for ***** as is has a alley and 3 side road escape routes from the so called F.E.D.S and a wall to sit on. Now for the second part of tyhe villiage there is a small bus shelter outside the fryer fish and chip shop and that is where these ***** would sit down drink white lighting frosty jacks rarely white lightening and ask bypasses to go in the nearby corner shop to buy them a 20 deck of bnh silver and to top it all of they pester youg children with there parents outside the fish and chip shop waiting for the bus and they quote “do us a chip” and the parents say no go away you ugly skum that is pretty much it for the villiage oh and the same thing happens outside the kebab shop in the villiage high street aswell

now the train station im not sure where to start well ill begin with the fact that that station is the reason for the diease to spread to our town **** missionarys must of came over to the villiage and converted the youths into tracky wearing asbos (the bastards) there is also never any medium involvement in this area of the villiage it is allways a large ammount of ***** in that certain area there is never 2 or 3 ***** no as they are well bought up and pamperd like princes in there 2 story homes they need alot of numbers to back there cause so if a fight accurs the large bundle sqad is ready that is really all we have time for now

just remember that these 2 villages hockley and hawkwell are rapidly becomeing new basildon look out ban all rap music and alcohool and drinks from plastic bottles togther we can put a stop to the virus if we just pinch in

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