Haverhill – **** Capital Of The World?

East AngliaSuffolk

I cannot believe that this little gem of a **** Town, has not already made it onto this site?

I would suggest that this town which was used as a dumping ground for post war *****, could possibly be the **** Capital of the world!

Yes there are the usual pound shops etc, and dodgy burger restaurants full of the chaver’s smoking and screaming at there sprogs named Chelsea and Mercedes, and Elizabeth Duke is constantly sold out of tacky cheap ***** items that help the **** miesters look like Mr T’s poor relation, but most of all this town is full to bursting point and justs reaks of rotten **** *****, to an extent that I would suggest that it would be a good candidate to either nuke or send all the worlds ****’s to, so that they can all wallow in their own nasty **** culture, swop home shopping catalogues, and leave the rest of us to enjoy a wonderful non **** existence!

How grim is your Postcode?

What a nice dream eh!?

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