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This is in reply to the exsisting Hatfield entry, written by Hatfield. I can hardly say that 4 years is long enough to call myself a veteran… but I would just like to add a few omissions to the previous statement.
When I first arrived in Hatfield, I was full of hope, full of optomism, having just left home, everything looked wonderful to me. I have lived in 15 different locations during these 4 years. I must say there are a few good things about Hatfield. For instance, if you can make someone smile. You’ve acheived something! This town is so run down. So riddled with people who are completely incapable of raising children, and yet since they will receive a flat, go straight ahead with the awful business anyway. And then those children, so estranged from their incapable parents (due to the drug use and neglect) become homeless, or…. have children in order to receive a flat. And so forth. Sometimes though, (and this really is quite rare, but considering the density of people all doing pretty much the same thing), a flower grows out of the ****. Sometimes the child (if it wasn’t already robbed of all it’s brain cells – since all ***** have such rollercoaster relationships that they inembriate themselves with substances (i.e. whatever they can get their hands on) even whilst pregnant), it looks at its parents and it knows right from wrong instintively. It looks after it’s parents  (if they don’t **** it’s brain cells out), and goes on and does amazingly well for it’s self (comparatively). So there are some good things. One of them happened upon my partner one evening. He was walking through the town centre, and had noticed two ***** following him for 10 mins or so. He turned around to confront them since they were obviously about to mug him. They were very taken aback by this, they were only 16 and 17. He talked to them for some hours, explaining how the real world works, and how you can go to college, and even get paid for it these days, and he helped them into colllege and tried to set them on the right tracks. But then one went to prison and the other started dealing….
And that is Hatfield in a nutshell. Everyone here knows what they should be doing. They’ve all seen ricky lake (because it’s on when they wake up), and they know you have to be honest. You have to be compassionate and caring towards your neighbours and family. But the problem is… they can’t be bothered. So anyway I’m moving to London in a couple of months for a new job. And then I’m leaving this country once I’ve got a couple more steps on the property ladder. Do you know why? Because this country is a lost cause. The government should cut all benefits. It should make these people face consequences! Because they never have.

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