Moving to Hastings, East Sussex
  Written by Anonymous.

Now where do I start, this s******e is basically infested with chavs. If you’re a teenage mother in this town, you’ll fit in just fine! If you own a Corsa and pointlessly drive it around the town, you’ll fit in just fine!

During the day you may find a few wannabe chavs, but after sunset out they come, infesting the town center with chav disease, starting fights with random innocent people. Where did they all suddenly come from Farley Skank, Malvern Way and Hollington all of which should be demolished and replaced by something that actually benefits the town.

Walk around the skank, ore and Hollington and you should see plenty of 15 year old mothers pushing their prams around, wearing her pink tracksuit with hooped earrings that has the same diameter as the moon. The males are normally found anywhere in town in their shitty Corsa’s, which have had stickers stuck onto the rear window, to make it look “cool”, happy hardcore, rap and dizzee rascal playing just completes the car look and feel.

The schools in the area are failing quite miserably because of the scum of the universe, shitholes such as Grove and Hillcrest being the two worst schools in the South East, with Hillcrest having a long rivalry with the blazer wearing William Parker students, most likely through jealousy that most students parents at Parker actually own their house.

Hastings, the place everyone wants to live…i mean avoid!

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