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Hastings, where the **** of the earth live. *****. I have the most unfortunate task of living in hastings and i must say the ***** are a grimy piece of s**t on the reputation of hastings. All in all hastings is a good place to live. (it is less **** infected than croydon where i used to live). But that doesnt mean they are gone.
They hang around near McD’s and burger king. they pollute the town with their comments like “What the **** did you say about my mum?” and “Oi mate can i borrow a *** and a pound.”
At night they thrive around the nightclubs and pubs.
At 12:00 one night i heard a long scraping sound. I looked out my window and saw some **** scraping a bin down the road. I shouted at him and went back to sleep. They are the **** of society and they must be stopped!

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