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Hassocks is a village about 3 miles south of Burgess Hill and 7 miles north of Brighton. Whata shame!!! This village in recent months has seen a huge influx of what i call ‘chav-twats’. The biggest problem? Complete knob-ends zooming about on Susuki’s of the 2-wheeled variety. They ride about all day stopping off at local hotspots such as Budgens, Downlands School and Adastra Park to chat-up young girls and ply them with Strongbow tinnies, Benson & Hedges and Haribo Mix. They’re a bit like the ‘Hells Angels’ accept they don’t have long beards and skull prints on the back of their jackets. Instead they’ve hardly even been through puberty and they where ‘Burberry’. Their language vocab is as about as limited as a dead wombat’s and the high-pitched sound which emits from their bikes is reminiscent of the ear-ache you get when you hear the Crazy Frog!!! Very soon i hope they all get jobs as delivery drivers up in Burgess Hill at the local pizza joint. Oh yeah, then get wiped out by a severe case of pizza poisoning.

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  • HSKjesus

    lololol who are these kiddies?! I’ve never seen them before ever, and if anything they would hang up the skate park out the way. if anyone is going to intimidate the locals it would be me!!

  • Adam

    You spelt ‘wear’ wrong….

  • emshurst

    i cnt believe what u have said about hassocks i know that it is a lovely place to live in and yes there have been times when things have been rough but to say that about the people on mopeds is disgustin my sister owns one 2 get to and from work n 2 have sum1 sayin that u hope they are all killed by flu is horrible n it has upset me