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There’s a war going on in Harrow – a class war and the ranks of the Chav Army keep swelling (thanks to a steady rate of teen pregnancy) every day!

Despite the fact that the Borough of Harrow has more millionaires than any other London Borough and is home to one of the most exclusive grammar schools in the world – Harrow School – this town is being taken over by Chavs!

Chavs in Harrow hang around outside Argos (while their Chav Girlfriends look at the latest jewellery from the Elizabeth Duke Collection inside), the Cinemas and McDonalds.

It is virtually impossible to go to the movies in Harrow now and enjoy the cinematic experience without ignorant chavs expending their 15-minute attention span before the feature film has actually started. The non-Chav classes are hardly catered for anymore as films shown reflect the Chav mentality. (Sequels, films starring Ashton Kutcher, blockbusters.)

Time nightclub is a favourite as are Yates Winebar, Moon-on-the-Hill, Rat and Parrot and The Fat Controller pubs.

There are some places that are Chav free. Ottakers the bookshop is a safe haven as we all know Chavs don’t read; Monsoon and Debenhams is generally too expensive for them and Harrow-on-the-Hill is completely Chav-free (unless, of course they are up there to go feeeving!). Nandos has a few Chavs visit it but chicken is no good for most of them uless it is fried and comes in a bucket.

Primark, New Look, Mark One, Ocean and JD-Sports are the preferred fashion houses for Chavs (plus JD Sports bags make great bags for the chavlets at school).

The latest trends among the Chavlets at the high schools are sucking on dummies and wearing baby Kickers shoes or Timberlands slung around the neck to hold keys and other small items. This is forward thinking from Chavs as most are only a short time away from getting pregnant with their own designer Chav baby and at least they’ve invested in the child’s first pair of shoes.

Walking around Harrow you are greeted with lots of fluro green and yellow Chav mucous spit on the ground. Chavgirls show off their pregnant or just fat bellies in Umbro track pants and FCUK t-shirts or Chav mummies push their unfortunate Chavscum in taxpayer-funded pushchairs.

Chav lads strut around smoking and punctuating their limited converations with swear words. Another entertaining sight is Chav couples conducting their domestics out in public and the stunned onlookers simply serve as their audience. As Chavs have little of no self-awareness and nothing going for them in their lives, creating public drama spectacles doesn’t cause shame and gives them a little bit of excitement (the ultimate though has to be an appearance on Trisha!).

As few Chavs in Harrow seem to be employed, it is a mystery how they afford Sky and the flat plasma screems that can be seen glowing from the windows of Chav housing association flats. And shop owners in Harrow are rubbing their hands together in glee hundreds of pounds are spent on ‘special’ Chav accessories and goods for Christmas. (Mobile phone upgrade anyone?). Recent chav conversation overheard between two (jobless) Chav boys pushing their ‘blood’ in pushchairs one lunchtime: “I’ve f***ing got to spend £400 quid on her presents ‘cos she’s f***ing got me a £200 phone and other s**t “.

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The Yates – As soon as the bass starts pumping at 7pm, the office workers flee and the chavs begin to mass.

Harrow Bus Station – The natural choice.

St Annes/St Georges Shopping Centre – Again, an obvious place. Also includes ‘TopMan’ which is very Chav infested at the best of times. And Dixons, where they can practice thieving all day long. St Annes is also a good place for the Chav to look for ‘totty’. Several times they have been seen saying ‘oi babe, your burberry purse is luuvly’ and 9 months later when he’s still hanging about looking for a chavette, she’s been put up in a council flat and is having his baby.
Harrow. 30 years ago this was the place that was the domain of the lower middle classes and was a pleasant and generally well respected area when compared to the rest of Middlesex. Your average house dweller was a self employed Carpenter who had worked hard and managed to get out of the council estate, a housewife and 2 generally pleasant kids. He owned a 2 year old Ford Cortina and managed to have 2 holidays in the year providing they kept the purse strings tight.


The polarisation is obvious. Harrow has now become too expensive to live in for anyone earning under £60,000 a year and the non rich children that were brought up in Harrow in the 1970s and 80s have moved on to cheaper areas. Rich commuters who have moved in from all over the country now reside in the private houses.

Then there are the Chavs.

The council Estates, like in most Towns seem to grow and grow. And the only people who arent rich in Harrow are now the Vermin class. Totally arrogant because they know they have pushed the honest working classes out, they line the streets during the day looking for easy prey. Private school kids seem to be the prefered target for mugging. At night, the Chavs are drawn towards the Yates in Station Road. Walk through Harrow at 1130pm and unless you are very large or mean looking, you will almost certainly be confronted by a group of them for no apparent reason.

Harrow, has become just like any other Town now. The air of being a nice place has gone….

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Typical hang outs of chavs in harrow included the infamous Yates (ya get meh bruv), the ratio of chavs to nonchavs is roughly 200:0 which is truly shocking.

Harrow bus station also attracts a lot of chavs, whos habbits probally include shagging their sisters, and most likley mothers (alough this is unconfirmed)
To go along with the bus station chavs use the bus a lot, their prefered seating location is the top of the back of the bus, with their 40 year old fathers paying child fare to board.

The job center in also a favourite hangout.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018