Harold Wood

Harold Wood, a nice looking urban town of Havering, then darkness falls. I arrive home from work, on the train to fight my way through the crowd of ***** that reside at the train station, always watching my back as I leave the station to hear abuse being thrown at the commuters, or the empty beer bottle that the young teens have downed under a minute been projected through the air. I turn the corner to head home yet to see an elderly lady being knocked down from a kid bearly 16. Under one arm he carries a bottle of cola and the other a bottle of jack daniels. I help the lady, with only another running from the shop jumping over me with the 2 security guards following from such a small CoOp. Finally the ordeal is over, I think. I turn the corner of the road to find the street urchant’s laughing and drinking the stolen boose, with loud modified corsa’s and fiesta’s driving by. I think to myself I really need to move!

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