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Upon finding this website, i noticed that there was split ideas on the town of Harlow, Essex.

Yes there are Yobs, *****, Thugs, ****** and alike. But i am here to tell a story.

10 years ago, my family moved from what has been described in the past as “THE worst place in the universe” to our destination of Adelaide, Australia.

How grim is your Postcode?

In the old days of harlow my uncle became the celebrity of the town by dressing as superman and standing on the escalator handrails and pretending to fly throughout the harvey centre. Infamously, breaking his teeth after falling from the handrail, and was later mentioned in the local paper.

In april, I got a chance to go back to my hometown, only to find that the towns shopping mall, the harvey centre had every seccond shop unoccupied. It appears that Harlow Town is dead.

The ****** are still there, the ***** are still there and all the other sub-cultrues are present, but it seems that all “Normal” life has left, probably as far away as possible, similar to myself.

The same uncle that was riding the handrails was attacked the other day. Some “Eastern European’s” knocked him to the floor, jumped on his head and stole his mobile phone. This is no mean feat, He is 7 foot tall and is a well experienced boxer.

The town has been over run by migrants, thugs and *****. Itd be best to destroy the “New Town” and leave the old harlow there, the one that was made in the real old days like, 400 years ago. Churchgate street and the surrounding areas.

Many violent stories orinated from an area known as the “Stow”. My last visit was a scary experience. I do not advise going there in daylight, let alone at night.

The surrounding towns, like Bishop Stortford are being “Infected” by the problem too, not as much, but it is occuring.

North Weald Markets, What a site. Without offending the Gumble ***** Family, North Weald Markets are full of *****’s selling nothing but spurious ****.

Harlow Town.

What a shame.

What a waste.

What a loss.

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