Written by Anonymous.

random chavness in harlow

as a former resident of sheffield i was suprised to find a larger chav community in harlow than sheffield bearing in mind we have the chav kingdom(meadowhall) in sheffield, i being of the alternative persuasion found in my younger days fun and excitement hanging around with mates on the devonshire green area of sheffield until one day i made the terrible decision to move to harlow in essex, here i found on my first night out to the only alternative club in harlow i got the shock of my life when i left the club to recieve a sense of unwantedness by a large army of chavs spouting words such as geezer and blud these dumb fucks take pleasure in beating up whats known as “greebos”to us sheffieldiens moshers after they leave their club now as us northerners know the southern arn’t the most friendliest people but a southern chav what is the world coming to!!!

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