Living in Hammersmith and Fulham
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in London, West London

This is meant to be one of nicest, most expensive boroughs of London, but it seems if you’ve not been mugged by a local chav, then you will get mugged by the local estate agent, as prices to buy or let are beyond beggars belief. This manor which includes the Shepherd’s Bush ghetto, is one mass polluted, overcrowded, dirty scummy areas, where everyone walks around afraid of what’s round the corner.

They majority of streets in this manor are a mix of posh houses next to a mix of fairly to very run down houses and it just don’t make sense. Any other part of the country separation rules. Why spend a million pounds on a three bed terrace when you got a bunch of smack and crack addicts living next door. Then you got the big fat council estates littered across the borough where the real nitty gritty yeah get me bruv take place.

I spent two years living there and after having my car broke into twice, a scrap outside a pub with two piss heads who wouldn’t let me walk passed and my wife getting spat on and threats of ‘ I’ll slice you up bitch’, not forgetting the local street sweeper being murderd by a local crack head in a botched burglary. I would much rather live in Hull than this big fat dump of borough.

P.s. on the day of moving out I dumped my mattress on the pavement which was accompanied by fridge someone else had dumped there a few days before. Dumping furniture on the street is real past time in this borough. If you love breathing in diesel fumes all day long, then this is the place for you.

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  • superpleb

    Drove down fulham road today – what the f happened – its not like I remember – losers & low lifes creeping around the streets like zombies. The third world comes to mind. More like the east end [on a bad day]. Shocked. Apparently Putney is next for the ghetto treatment. Fulham used to be really fun/vibrant – a tragedy to see it now.

  • WhiteHorseSloaney

    Did someone pay you to write this bollocks? Fulham is absolutely lovely
    Fulham is located just west of Chelsea which might give an indication of what sort of area it is.
    Chelsea is posh. Fulham is nice, but still affordable (depending on one´s financial situation). Hammersmith is to the northwest with Earl’s Court, Baron’s Court and West Brompton to the north and Putney lies south across the river. A great area indeed.
    Sherperds Bush and parts of Earls Court are areas to be avoided – chavs and other low lives usually cause trouble.

    I have lived in Fulham for a decade ( a period of ten years just in case you don´t know) and not even once have I had any problems.
    My car (BMW) was never broken into, there was no litter on the streets anywhere, no one ever bothered me not even late at night.
    I think you must be a real moron and I bet I know where you lived. Even posh London boroughs have a few ugly streets / areas but that doesn´t mean the whole borough is bad. I bet you lived around the Sheperds bush area – lots of cheap nightclubs, chavs, a few druggies and nasty pubs with nasty chavs, lots of crime. Only idiots and chavs live there / go there.
    And Fulham my dear, with its neighbour Chelsea, has some of the most expensive and exclusive pubs and clubs – mostly members only. You wouldn´t be able to afford a single drink in there and even if you´d have tons of money they probably wouldn´t let you in (membership by recommendation only) since you´re not one of “them”.
    And this is what you call a big fat dump? London´s millionaires and billionaires must be real idiots then I guess. Why don´t they all live in Hull I wonder?
    Because you are the stupd simpleton talking utter rubbish.

    You should really keep to areas like Peckham, Brixton, Hackney, Croydon, Stockwell, Lewisham, Kilburn, Leytonstone, Acton Town – really overpriced but peaceful and no crime at all, no gangs, no chavs, no drugs (attention please irony…………just in case you don´t get it)………………….

  • Joan Hammond

    From your description I’ll keep to E12. Still a festering overpriced rubbish dump but not as bad as H and F.