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Hammersmith has excellent transport links to all parts of London. Unfortunately it also has an Edwards and many other pubs. This, combined with sportswear shops and cheap jewellery stores, all well placed for a pit stop in McDonalds or Burger King can mean only one thing: Chavs from less advantaged parts of London flock in.

Chavs come from far and wide: Ealing, Hayes, Shepherds Bush, Brentford and this lot, mixed in with a heavy dose of Rude Boys from Acton, form as fertile a pond of primordial slime as can be found anywhere in London.

By day, teenage Chavettes bush their grotesque offspring around what is laughably called a “Mall”- in reality a Primark attached to a bunch of pound shops and a food court centered on Burger King.

By night, whooping and drooling chavs congregate outside any number of drinking establishments trying to get past security. The favourite is of course Edwards with its cheap lager, low lighting and casual approach to age and hygiene.

The area is easily distingushed as a Chav territory by the amount of verbal and physical arguments that break out about 9.30, ie as soon as the earliest pissed Chavs get thrown onto the street. They also consider it well hard to walk slowly across the street, daring any motorist to mow them down (Tempting, I can tell you).

In an attempt to make the ugly urban sprawl look more attractive to normal people, the council have thoughtfully provided a new large public square. The affect has been dramatic: the winos now have somewhere nice to sit during the day, and the chavs have a large open space for gangfights.

Hammersmith – Gateway to the west and Chav magnet.

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