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Hainault, this shabby chav shitpot has got to get a mention, its a great big council s**t hole with the delightful parade of shops in mountford way. Its so bad it makes Barkingside look classy. If your reading this you you will know what I mean.

It features such favourites as Greggs second only to McDonalds for a Chav snack, As there is no Mcdonalds near by all the Chav scum go to Greggs to fatten up on such specialities as the steak bake and sausage rolls. For nightlife the Spar supplies the goodies such as White lightening and tin foil for the crack heads at Limes farm estate. What ever you do dont go there its a f*****g Chavpot crack hole.

The Post office, Chav for bank, here you will meet white trash single mums with their scummy chav kids all wearing there shitty baseball caps and smoking Sovereign fags, the experience is further enhanced by there constant swearing at the kids using favourite terms such as get here you little c#nt. This is wear all the money in hainault comes from.

As if this was’nt bad enough there’s a P***y site just round the corner in Forest road so there area is surround by flytipped spoil from all the drives in Essex.

Everyone wears addidas and the dog of choice is the staff of course. A f*****g s**t hole for sure!!!

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