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Hailsham is without any shadow,one of the wombs of ‘chavkultur’.Allow me,dear reader the indulgence of a little history lesson.With the dispersal of East Croyden families in the early 1960s to Hailsham,commingling with the readily available Romany-blooded stock already inhabiting the area,a soupcon of “Sussex blood,born and bred,strong of arm and weak of head”was a social powder keg just waitin’ for a spark.Add to this a long standing local history of drunken lawlessness and smuggling.It’s a wonder Thatcher didn’t originate here the old shitcunt.It also bears mention that the diet of choice for males is sunshine,building-work,bacon,lager,cocaine,and senseless ultra-violence.I need no convincing that what media twunt fuglys have presented as chavs over the past three or so years is what I have known and dealt with over so many.”dek i dinlow crank chavvy mush,you’ve been tarred with the cranky brush”. Insults in Hailsham start with the classic”dinlow crank”and progress to “mothers c**t”.For car spares (and socialising), go to Ripleys.Speedway(banger racing)is where scores of a vehicular nature may be settled.For hard drugs Town Farm Estate (town pharmacy).The rock and rollers mourn the passing of the ubiquitous Golden Martlett on the outskirts of town.Was it chav electrics,or a “jewish stocktake”???I remain the curator and analyst par excellance of a much hyped but seldom accuratelely judged group.I might add I am dispassionate about the impact of these persons on a global scale.

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