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HAG FOLD is the place to visit! full of nasty kids reprabates and s**m, plenty of it. The kids love to hang out, out side the spa on derby street harrasing old women swearing and genraly causing a riot.

ooooooooh and they love Hag Fold TRAIN STATION! manky kids screaming and scareing the locals! briking the poor run down trains and trashing the place to some high order!!!!!!!!

The tom boys/girls? love their morris dancing at HAG FOLD COMMUNITY CENTRE this local well known building causes a lot of stir twice a week the older local riff raff think its a get together for a chin wag while the chavscum think its time to cause a riot with lads on motor bikes skidding about girls if you can call them that shoveing them selvs about in their trackys bottoms and tight tops gobbing it off to the unfortunate locals.

And ooooh yes you can’t forget the local drunk, a well known bloke about 70 wobbles about on a zimmer frame drinking and singing away you normally find him dossed out on the corner of car bank street, what a sight!

Then theres The WORKING MENS club off devonshire road full of scummy kids and local dole dossers its a good night in there if your short of a few bob a mate or 2 or just a nice MAN to take home.

I would go on but I wouldn’t like to spoil the attactions of this wonderfull little erm…………place?

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