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A supposed sleepy little town this one, just over the border into Cornwall…but tragically ruined by the presence of Chavs. I was minding my own business, (on holiday, I might add) and walking down the street one evening when I met the first Chav – aged about 16, male, wearing Burberry cap and holding on to a can of Carlsberg, weaving his way up to the Working Mens Club. He was followed by a couple of other male Chavs and a couple of Chavettes squawking in Cornish lingo trailing behind with their bottles of Bacardi Breezers. Why bother! Chavs know that they can only handle Lucozade. This grim little group of Cornish Chavs looked like they were aspiring to be Eminem (if male), and Victoria Beckham (if female) the height of Chavness they believe. Sad fact is, the Chavettes looked more like Vicky Pollard on a lard diet, and the Chavs like the weedy bloke off the Mr Muscle advert on TV. What are they trying to prove! As for the hanging around the outside the Working Mens’ Club beats me…they’re under-age, so instead they ming around outside making alot of noise and complete arses of themselves. What a shame for Gunnislake! Nice little Cornish town, if not for the Chavs. Can’t get away with it though Gunnislake – you’ve got CHAVS, and you’re nominated!

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