Channel Islands
    Guernsey is a nice place, with sandy beaches and picturesque cliffs – but wherever you are, there’s no escape from the c***s which are slowly infesting a place which was once one of the top tourist destinations for UK tourists.
    C***s can be found absolutely anwhere. I was once called a c**t just for walking past by a ‘crew’ of c***s on the Torteval coast, one of the most desolate, yet beautiful area in Guernsey. More popular haunts include the bowling alley, where younger c***s beg for money outside, and the Bouet, Guernsey’s roughest estate. The shops near the bouet have barred windows, because of the vandalism. Hobbies among ‘Bouetians’ as they’re called, include shooting visiting non-Bouetians with BB guns out of windows, sniffing glue in Ivory Castle, and arson.
     Another popular c**v hangout is the Co-op car park. My friend lives next door to it and regularly sees fights there, we camped in his garden one night, and at midnight, a load of pissed c***s started swearing at each other at the top of their voices(and they really sounded angry), over a knocked over scooter. There’s also an alleyway round the back of the Co-op where many bottles of cheap cider have been consumed, then smashed, littering the place with glass. All of Guernsey’s historic bunkers are littered with glass, and crisp packets, and if you’re lucky, you might find a used spliff, or even crack cocaine!
      When c***s become 17, they are allowed to drive a car, and become ‘kevs’. These kevs go round in souped up old vauxhalls and fords, driving around the island at night, often at speeds of 60mph, well over the speed limit of 35mph. They can be seen shouting obscenities from their cars at other white-tracksuited idiots. The white addidas tracksuit is a staple of the typical Guernsey c**v’s fashion diet, along with baseball caps and nike hoodies and trainers. A typical c******e wears a pink Von Dutch hoodie, and massive hooped earrings. Then there’s the scraped back bottle blonde hair. According to legend, one c******e scraped hair back so tightly and for so long, that when she finally let it down, her over-stretched forehead sort of drooped over her eyes, and looked like a bulldog. She then used it as an excuse to skive off school for two weeks.
    Guernsey is a beatuiful place – but perhaps not for long if the c***s
continue to spread.

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