Grimsby Economically dire

Living in Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Living in Grimsby, Lincolnshire

I feel that my grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers and sisters home town of Grimsby is a bog basic, mundane, depressing, and menial level place to live long term. Since 1990 a dire economic situation engulfed the town and will last I guess to around the year 2050, transforming it into a constant economically decomposing place to live. Life in Grimsby lacks the interest, excitement, leisure, relationship and working career opportunities that you would potentially find around city areas. I am currently away at university in a major city, and what an improvement in life options that I am seeing in comparison to my life opportunity subdued birth town of Grimsby.

My grandfather regularly speaks of the towns economic boom years of the 1960s and 1970s when he was a fisherman with his own boat, but these days there is no thriving business industry providing on mass good jobs that pay good money above the UK National average yearly salary. There is always a constant flow of jobs in the town but 98% are at the menial none graduate requirement level, and 98% of the people that find a job in this town only find a menial, below UK National average yearly salary paid job. And in most walks of life only things above average are usually called good, things below average are never called good, following this rule only jobs paying salaries above the UK National average yearly salary can really be called good, the UK National average yearly salary is a variable yearly figure, current rate £28,000pa for a 40 hour working week. Most companies workforces in the town since 1990 have been dominated by none graduate ability people because the jobs they offer are best suited to none graduate people that don’t belong to the academic/intellectual elite of society.

It is fair to say that a large bulk of the population support the image/reputation that the area is a low educated place because most people are in university student terms, rated and ranked academic/intellectual under class because they have no PHD or MBA. Since 1990 the workforce in my grandfathers, grandmothers, sisters and brothers home town never visually looked like the Financial workers in London, the workforce on Wall Street in New York or the medical staff of Holby City. Things are so economically dire that the most sought after work is the low paid, intellectual menial retail sector, and the other constantly dominate workforces/job vacancies are menial, academic, intellectual under class building & construction trade workers, tradesmen, factory workers, care homes workers, citizen advice workers, employment adviser workers, dole office workers, postal workers, hairdressers, call center workers, crèche workers, all intellectual 2nd rate level jobs by anybody’s standards.

How grim is your Postcode?

The towns located in an area of the UK that never feels economically thriving or vibrant, even when the UK economy is showing positive yearly growth figures. The intellectual calibre of the none graduate dominated workforce available in the town is not attracting the type of business on mass that it required to change the economic situation of the town. Getting excited by the creation of some minimum wage jobs in a factory, supermarket, retail store, caravan park or starting up yet another tradesmen business does not promote an economically prosperous place or highly educated place does it. When somebody landing a minimum wage jobs gets a full page spread in the local newspapers, or people make a 2nd intellectual rate tradesmen job sound like rocket science and the equivalent of a doctors surgeon, my grandfathers, grandmothers, sisters and brothers home town is really scraping the bottom of the barrel regarding employment opportunities isn’t it. Its been this way since 1990 and will be I guess until at least 2050. The towns economic glory days of my grandfathers fisherman era is well in the past……

Authors Disclaimer: This article is a different point of view and opinion of only one person, and not the opinion of everybody or a fact. This opinion is not intended to be threatening, upsetting, sexist, abusive, offensive, racist or to incite anger or retaliation of any sort, this opinion is intended to be argumentative, opinionated, debateable and an opinion that I believe to be true. This opinion is not intended to influence other people opinions about the standard of the economy in Grimsby. This comment does not target or name any individual(s), company(s) or street name(s) directly. I activate my moral right for freedom of speech. Just because this opinion will be different from the masses it does not make it right or wrong. My opinion is not intended to generate anger or provoke any kind of response, its just one of the worst things I consider to be about living in Grimsby please remember it is just an harmless opinion.

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