Grimsby/Cleethorpes a backward, ********, cold, unfriendly sh*thole

Living in Grimsby & Cleethorpes
Living in Grimsby & Cleethorpes

GRIMSBY/CLEETHORPES! what a backward, ********, cold, unfriendly, sh*thole this place is! unless you have lived here for 5000 years, forget it, The locals are rude, cold, unfriendly, suspicious, and absolute *****.

If you are from outside the area, you may as well call it a day for friends, jobs, etc
The **** ratio is over balanced, the women are all fat, tattooed, ******** in black leggings, the men (if you can call them that!) are all under fed ****’s on weed, if you walk in certain parts of the town, and happen to catch some body’s eye, you WILL get a mouth full of abuse, trust me, this i have experienced on numerous occasions.

Anyone over 30 has a certain ‘look’ about them, almost a grizzled, smacked arsed, bitter at life sort of demeanour.

How grim is your Postcode?

The middle aged ***** who do work (rare) are the worst work colleague’s they are generally fat, lazy, bitchy beyond belief and generally do not deserve to have the job in the first place! I am moving away after 6 years of this misery, and will not return- EVER!!!!

F*cking dump.

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