Living in Grimsby & Cleethorpes
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GRIMSBY/CLEETHORPES! what a backward, retarded, cold, unfriendly, sh*thole this place is! unless you have lived here for 5000 years, forget it, The locals are rude, cold, unfriendly, suspicious, and absolute s***s.

If you are from outside the area, you may as well call it a day for friends, jobs, etc
The chav ratio is over balanced, the women are all fat, tattooed, slappers in black leggings, the men (if you can call them that!) are all under fed chav’s on weed, if you walk in certain parts of the town, and happen to catch some body’s eye, you WILL get a mouth full of abuse, trust me, this i have experienced on numerous occasions.

Anyone over 30 has a certain ‘look’ about them, almost a grizzled, smacked arsed, bitter at life sort of demeanour.

The middle aged chavs who do work (rare) are the worst work colleague’s they are generally fat, lazy, bitchy beyond belief and generally do not deserve to have the job in the first place! I am moving away after 6 years of this misery, and will not return- EVER!!!!

F*cking dump.

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